So I had a comic in mind for today, but apparently over the weekend I completely lost the ability to produce these strips, resulting in me scrapping said comic altogether. Not the best feeling, but with some luck I should be able to relearn it all in time for the next update. Hopefully?

In any case, here are some other comics I’ve been reading lately. Maybe you’ll like them too?

Buni by Ryan Pagelow should hit the mark perfectly, especially if you like sickly optimistic bunnies with terrible luck. Also, if you prefer your comics with as few words as possible, Ryan has gone for a completely pantomime and dialogue-free strip with wonderful results. Gloriously dark but still able to put a smile on my face every time.

Lair of the Lizardmin is a lovely comic I’ve been enjoying for a while now. Especially I’m absolutely enamored by the visual style and the character designs, quite up to the point that I usually just start snickering from the expressions of the characters. Which are all Lizardmin, by the way. With the occasional Robotmin, Fishmin and Octopoid, not to mention the mysteriously elusive Gorrilamin as their mutual enemy.

Savage Chickens is probably a comic you already know and love. If not, prepare to waste hours on Doug Savages’ hundreds (or is it thousands?) of gag-a-day strips, all rendered lovingly with mostly ridiculous-looking chickens taking the main stage. As a fellow office slave I’m also very pleased to see it’s entirely produced on sticky notes – finally someone put these annoying things to good use.

Werebears and Lonely Children by Jennifer Barrett is definitely not an odd 80’s horror/drama mashup as the name would suggest, but instead a low-key, often adorable, always amusing relationship comic with a simple but effective visual style. It reminds me perhaps of Pictures for Sad Children, another favorite of mine, but it might just be the name similarities talking.

So yeah – go read these while I scamper back to the drawing board (quite literally), this time hopefully with a regained sense of how “jokes”, “comics” and “drawing” work, things that seemed completely foreign to me last time around. See you next time! (Fingers crossed.)

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