Toilet Troubles
October 12th, 2012

Toilet Troubles

Aw, I hate it when that happens. Also, where do you stand on the toilet seat debate? Please discuss!


  1. mick

    Seat & lid down to keep pets from drinking it.

    I never understood the arguments between men & women over putting the seat down. All the arguments in favor of men putting the seat down after their done can just as easily be applied to women before they sit.

  2. mick

    Damn, their / they’re.

  3. Andy L

    Clearly, the most mathematically efficient strategy is to only change the state of the toilet seat as needed. (Otherwise there will be unnecessary state changes if you need it up twice in a row.)

    I can only assume that this is how the stereotype of ladies being bad a math got started.

  4. Urban Pagan

    I’m male, and both seat and lid are down, because otherwise when you flush, there’s a spray of urine- and fecal-rich water into the air of the bathroom. It then slowly settles on every surface in that bathroom, such as any toothbrushes without caps, any cup you keep in the bathroom and drink out of, etc.

    It’s not about the relative convenience for men or women, it’s about preventing a disgusting and unsanitary situation that can be easily avoided by just putting the lid down before you flush.

  5. Execudork

    Exactly this. Lid down, prevent aerosolised bacteria gunking up my toothbrush.

  6. J-L

    I like the way the alligator in the toilet has a speech bubble that’s the alligator itself in the toilet.

    What I don’t quite understand is why the picture in the last panel is a big speech bubble being spoken by the couple. Before I realized that the last panel is just a speech bubble, I thought the cartoon was kind of heartwarming in that the couple’s arguing gets turned into loving cooperation.

    But now that I see that the act of cooperation is hypothetical (not realized yet), I’m not quite sure what to think of it.

  7. Kristian

    Ah yes, I was going back and forth on wether or not have the final panel as a speech bubble, but I figured it tied in better with the use of visual speech bubbles in the first two panels. But you’re right, considering they’re only saying it, it is still hypothetical and perhaps not as heartwarming, or at all. I considered adding a third panel instead with them hugging and crying and “saying” the fourth panel. But I could easily remove the “speech panel” aspect of the fourth panel as well. Hmm. Cartoonist decisions!

  8. John Baber

    After reading your comment, I laughed very hard at the image:

    “Grr! I’m an alligator emerging from a toilet!” announces the alligator.

  9. Guy

    Lid up, seat down.

  10. Eoin

    I think it’s just like the way some people like to keep all the doors closed. Or maybe it stops the poo particles from coming back and going in your lungs.

    But I prefer to leave the lid up so I can see if there are any toilet snakes before I get too close.

  11. OIK2

    You are responsible for the position of the seat when you use the toilet, do not expect others take responsibility for putting it in your desired state.

  12. BradyDale

    God, I so totally agree. It’s so not a big deal. Why does any gender think this is worth fighting over. In fact, if there’s just a couple people in the house, it’s about equally likely that the seat will be in the position you like

  13. danineteen

    Put the lid down after doing your business and prior to flushing, whether man or woman. You never know what could splash out.

  14. Urban Pagan

    The problem is that you know *exactly* what’s going to splash out, and you really don’t want a mist of piss-water covering every surface in your bathroom.

    Do you really want fecal matter on your toothbrush? No? Then put the lid down before you flush.

  15. Mo

    Standing on the toilet seat is just wrong.

  16. Teddy Boragina

    The toilet should remain in a state so that one who is half asleep can use it properly.

  17. cletus

    it’s a matter of which gender is most inconvenienced. if the seat is down and a guy doesn’t notice, he might make potty on the seat. if a woman approaches and doesn’t notice the seat is up… then weird things happen. so error on the side of caution and respect for them ladies!

  18. Dustin

    We have two bathrooms. The general use one is seat down, thus removing my irrational fear that my 3 year old daughter falls in on accident.

    In our master bathroom, it’s doesn’t matter. Who ever is using it will just adjusted to what is needed.

  19. InnocentMind

    What Urban Pagan said. Plus, if you keep the lid closed you don’t have to clean it as often since the only people who see that it’s dirty are too desperate to care.

  20. Dan W

    We keep it closed because my stupid cat only wants to drink out of things that are not his water dish.

  21. Ivan

    This is the same fight that resulted in the “Make-Up Blumpkin” that is so popular now!

  22. Bill Murphy

    When I was a kid I was afraid to sit on the toilet seat in fear that a crab would be in the water.

    As an adult I don’t sit on a public toilet in fear that crabs might be on the seat. ;)

  23. Jeremy T. Gibson

    I would suggest the toilet be left in the state you live in. Or the province you live in.

    Hurr hurr!

    No, seriously, seat + lid down is the fairest for everyone — everyone has to do some work, and it’s most hygienic. But I’m equally inclined toward leaving it in the state you last used it in, and to hell with the “but you *can* use it with the seat up while we *only* use it with the seat down!” argument, because that’s also fair — people need to adjust the seat as needed.

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