Making of “Whack!”

No new comic today unfortunately, instead watch this time-lapse video showing how I made the recent “Whack!” comic. Regular updates will hopefully definitely resume shortly!


  1. lou

    Lacking any artistic skills whatsoever, these videos never cease to amaze me:) Awesome work! Hope everything’s OK.

  2. Mim

    Really nice to see your creation process unveiled! The magic definitely happens at the inking part :)

  3. deangiberson

    Thank you for showing the time and work that you put into a comic. It helps to keep perspective and remember that these comics don’t just appear.

  4. Carla Ventresca

    This is so cool – really demonstrates the amount of work it takes to put together each and every comic strip.

  5. Oddemann

    Flott arbeid! Bruker du standard presets på pensler i PS?

  6. Kristian

    Takker! Bruker for det meste Manga Studio for tusjinga, og sverger til Frenden’s pensler. Noen av de finnes til Photoshop også. Anbefales!

  7. Nedsin

    Amazing work! Really interesting

  8. andymark

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  9. andymark

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