Here’s something I’ve been tinkering with over the past few days. The ability for my Patreon supporters on the $3 tier or higher to remove all the ad banners on this site!

Truth be told, ad revenue on my website has steadily decreased over the years, mostly due to social media taking over, and at this point ads are probably more of an annoyance for the reader rather than an actual source of income for me. Previously when ad revenue was more lucrative, any income I got through ads usually covered the hosting and domain fees for any given year. This isn’t the case anymore, unfortunately. Don’t worry, the site isn’t going anywhere (probably), but I figured it would make more sense to strip the ads away for people who actually financially support Optipess: that is, my lovely Patreon supporters!

Become a Cultist!

There is a new “connect with Patreon” button on the site (placed all the way at the bottom!). Clicking and connecting your Patreon account will remove the ads and instead show a heartfelt thank you-message. Aww!

And even though this feature is for the $3 tier and higher, any and all support from $1 and up on Patreon is of course immensely appreciated. Thank you!

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