We’re living through weird times. Personally, whenever dramatic world events occur, I tend to try to process them by learning as much as possible about it. By exposing myself to every news story and every development, the idea has been to help me pinpoint if there’s anything about the situation I can take control of on my own. Even realizing that things are completely OUT of my control is usually somewhat helpful to me.

Not this time around, though. The current coronavirus event feels at times so all-consuming that for a while there I struggled with trying to think about anything else. When my only actual coping mechanisms are merely to wash my hands and stay indoors, the uncertainty and the unpredictability of it all become even more amplified and overwhelming.

So doing things like playing Ori, or watching Devs, or reading Transmetropolitan, and especially drawing this comic felt like a huge relief this week. I’m sure I’ll eventually try to keep up with everything that’s happening again, but for the moment it feels fantastic not having to. I hope you have the same opportunity while still staying safe.

Oh, and I’m aiming for the next comic to be about anything else than the coronavirus. I’m sure you’ll probably appreciate that as well. Thanks for reading!

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