This comic exists primarily because I really wanted to draw that first panel. Expect it to appear as a phone wallpaper on my Patreon page soon!

Also, it’s my birthday on Wednesday! To give me a gift, feel free to share this comic furiously with every one of your friends and enemies.

Edit July 9: I got a GREAT birthday gift the other day – the hard drive with all my comics decided to die. However, the only reason I’m not currently spiraling into a panic is my cloud backup through Backblaze. Thank Cthulhu for Backblaze! I’m currently restoring everything but it’s a slow process.

Also, I had a comic almost in the bag for today, but I’ll have to push it to next week. Until then, the phone wallpapers made out of the comic above are now up on Patreon! Go grab ’em!

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