If you’re a bit like me, antisocial and introverted, then you probably enjoy all these new ways to “connect” and “interact” with people online, especially since they don’t require you to leave the house. And of course, Optipess is present on some of these with varying intensity! So in case you didn’t know of these already, or if you’re a new reader, I figured I should pimp out the links:

Most notably there’s a brand new Facebook page for Optipess. This replaces the old group thing on there, the biggest difference being that this one will actually be updated! At the very least I’m running a magical RSS import script that notifies you of every new strip (when it works as advertised, I should note), but there’s also a chance other news and semi-important messages will appear here. And maybe later some exclusive comics? Who knows!

Also, even less formal and basically bordering on the completely mundane, I’m also on the micro-blogging sensation site “Twitter” which you may have heard of already. Here I will inform you of what I just ate for breakfast or the current color of my socks. Oh, and the existence of new comic strips will also be tweeted about along with other comic-related events. Such as my excitement if I discover a new Photoshop shortcut key, for example. Thrilling!

PS: In addition to these, I’m also present on other more or less “social” music sites such as Last.fm and RateYourMusic, which may or may not be of interest, probably depending on how good your taste in music is.

Ok, now back to drawing tomorrow’s comic!

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