Observant readers have probably noticed a brand new donation button thing on the site. Here you can throw some spare change in the depicted cup which I will exclusively use for critical comics-related expenses, like paying the electric bills for powering my Cintiq drawing tablet or for hiring bodybuilder bodyguards to fend off myriads of overly affectionate fans.

Now of course, I’m definitely (luckily) not as poor as in the drawing, but then again like most webcartoonists I do have a day job – and without it I would probably have to draw these strips on napkins and barely be able to upload them to the internet through free coffee shop Wi-Fi. Anyway, to make sure that never happens you can donate any amount you’d like, probably even $0.01 if you’re so inclined! (edit: turns out PayPal has to get their share either way, so a more functional lower limit is about $0.20.) I don’t think there’s an upper limit for donating, but feel free to test that out as well! You know, for science.

Oh, and in return for your much appreciated support you will get a Cthulhu-themed wallpaper which is the high-res first panel from this strip. Click on the button in the sidebar (or the one below for you RSS-ers) to throw some spare change at me. Don’t hesitate to contact me if anything isn’t working for whatever reason and I’ll fix it ASAP.

Thanks! I bow to thee.

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