Alas, there will be no new comic today as I unfortunately caught the sniffles over the weekend and mostly spent it under a blanket coughing instead of drawing comics. However, fear not! – with some luck the regular updates will soon resume as normal. But since you’re already browsing these “Internet” pages, why not check out some other webcomics? Here are a couple who have caught my eyes lately:

Actually I have been reading See Mike Draw by uh, Mike for a while already, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned his comics here before now. Pretty much all of them strike gold on a regular basis, but especially the recent Game of Thrones jokes struck a chord with me.

Also in a similar vein, both the artstyle and the humor, are the hilarious scribblings of The Gentleman’s Armchair by Wes. I’ll highlight this “shocking” comic as one that really made me chuckle. Go read it!

Also, also! If you’ve kept up to date with Optipess through RSS, you probably already know that Google is shutting down their Google Reader service TODAY. Of course, RSS still lives on anyway, and the feed for this site remains unchanged, but today is probably your last chance to jump ship to another feed aggregator. I’ve been using Feedly which appears to be a fine replacement for the old Google Reader. Or, much like Google, if you’ve instead put RSS entirely to rest you can still get notified of new Optipess comics through the Facebook Page, my Twitter profile, or even my Google Plus page!

Know of any other sweet webcomics, or do you make one yourself? Comment below with the link! Also, feel free to chime in with other Google Reader alternatives. Thanks for reading!

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