In solidarity and support of the Black Lives Matter movement, I’ve decided to pause the comic updates and my social media for the remainder of the week in order for (way) more important voices to be heard.  

As a (very) white person I haven’t for a second felt in danger when encountering police, and I have most definitely been advantageous in any such encounters just because of my white privilege, probably many times without me even taking note of it. But for many others that is extremely far from their reality. That’s why I feel it is more important than ever to keep fighting, and keep speaking up. To still remain silent speak louder than words.

I feel it’s difficult for me to be truly articulate about this matter, as usually I would rather communicate my thoughts through a comic, but I just want to show my support and that I’m standing by every person of color in this matter.

I’ve donated $50 to help fight racism and police brutality and I encourage you to do the same, or however much you can.

Some helpful links:

Donate here:

Oh, and there is a cool hashtag on Twitter that amplifies black artists. Check it out #drawingwhileblack

PS: A current favorite of mine is the excellent comic Crabgrass by Tauhid Bondia. Read it on Instagram!

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