Yesterday was #ThankYouPatrons Day! – and I wanted to put together something cool as a special benefit for my awesome Patreon supporters.

A Christmas card (featuring Cthulhu!) addressed to you (yes, in the mail!) with a personalized drawing! Here is a teaser image of how it will look with an example drawing.

How it works: All patrons who have joined, upgraded or is an active member of the Optipess $5 tier  as of Nov 30 (the end of this offer) will get a Christmas card shipped to their address. I will be in touch to ask if you want anything in particular drawn on your card, and the cards will  be shipped out in the first few days of December, perfectly in time for the festive Cthulmas!

Oh, and at the $5 level you’ll also get access to tons of making-of videos showing how I make my comics.

Regardless if you join the offer or not I wanted to say thank you so much to all my patrons! Your support truly means the world to me!

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