My book has been out in Norway for a few weeks now, and while I still haven’t really dared to ask my publisher how sales have been going across Norway, my PERSONAL stash of “free” books sold out pretty quickly! Turns out several of my friends and co-workers wanted copies for themselves, and also additional copies as Christmas gifts for their friends and relatives. I definitely approve!

So now I’ve replenished my inventory of books by buying another batch directly from my publisher, which I was planning to eventually put up for resale through a web store of some kind here on my site. Until then, you can just grab a copy directly from me, which I of course will sign and draw in! It will cost only kr 250,- for the book+shipping within Norway. Just email me or leave a comment here if you’re interested! Oh by the way, if you support Optipess on Patreon, you get FREE shipping within Norway. Go to this Patreon post for details!

Dare I say this book is the perfect Christmas gift to any geek and/or regular person in your life? Yes, I dare saying it!

(Also, for you Norwegians: Jeg tar selvsagt Vipps!)

You can get a drawing of whatever you like (within reason, please no unicorns riding bicycles) in your personalized book. Above are some examples! (I’ve grown quite fond of that ridiculous Glasses Guy/Cthulhu hybrid myself…)

Oh, and if anyone outside of Norway wants to order a copy, get in touch and we’ll work something out! (Quick estimate: The book+shipping will be about $31 for European orders, or $36 for international orders. I take PayPal, of course.)

PS: Just to be clear, the book is in Norwegian, but can of course be enjoyed in any language as a lot of my comics are wordless anyway.

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