A little while back I was approached by viral content site Bored Panda with a bunch of interview questions. The site is certainly a bit clickbaity and overly focused on ranked lists of various sorts, but it has quite the impressive reach, so I certainly wouldn’t say no to being featured there.

You can check out the interview here, which is also supplemented by a selection of my comics. Apparently the article has over 170K views, which is good I guess? (I honestly have no idea.) Oh, and this is maybe the third time I’ve been featured by that site, and who knows, maybe/hopefully someone ended up here by wanting to read more Optipess comics. If so, welcome!

Speaking of comics, new ones are coming! In this past week I had a work/life-related thing going on which was pretty stressful (well it’s all relative, but at least for me), and it ended up taking most of my focus for several days. Things are cooling down now though, so I should get around to a bit of drawing.

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