Killing It
Friday — January 10th, 2020

Killing It

Here is a comic! It arrives even though I spent hours today trying to get my site back up and running. If you’re reading this it (kind of) worked! Looks like some things don’t work – like my ads – as well as other things. No idea what happened – nor do I know what I did to fix it. Please let me know if you spot any other glaring errors! (And yeah, I am aware of that weird looking header, but at this point I’m just happy to have the site working at all.)

Edit Jan 13: Spent a while trying to fix some of the issues without making a whole lot of progress. Annoyingly the ages old ComicPress theme doesn’t quite work as before with the new version of WordPress I installed. Just a head’s up: Comic updates might be slightly sporadic as I keep tinkering with the site, but hah- I will probably get bored of trying soon and draw a comic instead.

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Bad Comics 16-20: New Years Edition

I’m still taking a tiny vacation over the holidays, but here’s a new batch of bad comics anyway! I planned to post a Christmas-themed one as well, but ran so late with it that I figured I should just aim for New Years instead. Look for more bad comics on Monday, and a proper new strip later next week. Oh, and remember you can click on the image below to zoom in.

Also, Happy New Year! celebrates 2 years of Internet presence; everyone rejoices!

That’s right! Just the other day this site hit its magical second birthday, which totals to 730 days, or 17 520 hours – all with Optipess comics available for your reading pleasure. A bit like this blog post I put up when I hit 100 comics, I wanted to once again celebrate this wondrous occasion with various random statistics and amusing trivia from these past two years. If nothing else, I had immense fun assembling these tidbits of information – as well as having to brush up on my math skills. (Note: with “math skills” I really mean “counting”.)

  • Up until 30th November 2010, there has been posted 212 comics on this site, with 993 panels in total – which means the strip due for Monday will feature my 1000th comic panel. But then again I counted this strip as one panel, and this one as four panels, and I’m not entirely sure I even counted correctly, so I’m only 80% sure this information is correct.
  • I have drawn 5 zombie strips, 4 pirate strips and only one ninja strip, which also is a pirate strip. The most frequently used tags are pantomime (used 119 times, 56%), someone dies (used 100 times, 47%) and animals (used 46 times, 21%).
  • In total, 159 deaths were depicted or at least imminently implied. In addition to these, 3204 people died in this alien attack, and 34 casualties occurred in this traffic accident. Furthermore, there were additional undisclosed amounts of casualties in one plane crash, three train collisions, two sea monster attacks, three alien attacks, two nuclear bomb detonations, four robot attacks and one space shuttle explosion.
  • According to my Google Analytics stats ranging from December 1st 2008 until December 1st 2010, has seen 935 996 visits and 3 297 725 pageviews.
  • The day with the most visits is still February 17th, 2009 with 17 175 visits, which probably is the same numbers Axe Cop get in one hour on a slow day.
  • The day with least visits is December 2nd, 2008, where the total was one – and that was probably me.
  • 10 093 visitors reached this site by searching for “optipess” in their search engine of choice.  442 visitors searched for “optipress comic” – with a superflous “r”. One person found the site by googling “bingos ate your baby”. Yes, “Bingos”.
  • “Optipess” has been misspelled as “optipes”, “optopess”, “optipress”, “optimipess”, “optipedd”, “optippesss” and countless other variations. Guys, don’t browse the web when drunk. Then again, that’s what I get for choosing a made-up word as the name for my comic strip, I guess.
  • The most popular strip overall has been Dad vs Dad, with 85 447 pageviews. Jason, Friend of the Butterflies, Support Groups and Bad Girl are trailing closely behind.
  • Top 3 referrers are StumbleUpon, Reddit and Feedburner.
  • Speaking of my RSS Feed, it currently has 3 038 subscribers. It definitely is the easiest way to read the strip, but also the most distanced from the site. Subscribers, feel free to click through to the site, leave comments and oogle at my ads once in a while!
  • Speaking of comments, 1 696 of them have been posted to this site – and I immensely appreciate every one of them – well, excluding my own 235 comments. Total word count in the comments is 23 901.
  • 403 different nicknames have been used. Most active users after me (with number of comments in parenthesis) have been danineteen (78), bactherman (77), speearr (67) and Yacine (64).
  • The strip with the most comments (27) is Love is Blind from January 15th 2010. A lot of them were from a surprisingly high number of readers with color blindness. Sorry, guys!
  • Most Facebook “likes” and Tweets: Missing Piece (297 likes and 48 tweets.)
  • Most Reddit upvotes: 385 for Freddy vs Jason. However I didn’t get any traffic out of it since the submitter had rehosted the strip to an image host. Very annoying.
  • Most StumbleUpon views: still Jason, Friend of the Butterflies with roughly 50 000 views.
  • Best strip (in my opinion) that didn’t get much attention through social media: probably the personal favorite Newton Surprise. I’m still very proud of that one.

Okay, I hope this list has been a bit like reading an IMDB trivia page of a movie you somewhat enjoy! Oh, and celebrations here at will continue for roughly one year, just in time for the next site birthday.

    Bad Comics 11-15

    Ah, sorry guys, but I was feeling under the weather this weekend and didn’t get around to making a regular comic – so instead, as a replacement, you get these 5 “bad” ones I had lying around! With some luck I’ll be up to making a Friday comic later this week, but for now I’m prescribing sleep and naps for myself in equal measure.

    Bad Comics 6-10

    As promised, here’s another batch of “bad” comics! I’m definitely having fun making these, and the no-colors, three-panel setup means I can quickly crank out a few of these silly comic ideas that for one reason or another won’t really work as a full-fledged Optipess comic. Speaking of which, new “regular” comics will reappear from Monday on.

    Bad Comics 1-5

    Hello! So instead of a regular comic today, you get 5 bad ones! This is pretty much inspired by the “200 Bad Comics Challenge” as first issued by Box Brown to Nedroid, and later picked up by ChannelAte and DJ Bogtrotter. I think. Anyway, I don’t really have plans to make 200 of these anytime soon, but bursts of 5 should appear with irregular intervals from now on. Oh, and you can click on the image to make it bigger. Also, while I’m still on “vacation”, other new stuff may appear later this week and/or next week. Who knows, stay tuned!

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