Bad Comics 31-35

Bluh, sorry for the erratic posting schedule lately – but here’s a batch of Bad Comics to make up for it! Y’know, the best way to keep up with updates is definitely the RSS feed – that way you’ll get instantaneous notices whenever there’s a new comic or blog post. Which is especially helpful nowadays when I’m apparently not sticking to the Mon/Fri update schedule quite as rigorously as before. Also, as always are TwitterFacebook and Google Plus some other excellent channels for getting my comics directly projected onto your eyeballs.

Anyway, check out the scribbled comics below! Reminder: clicking the image will BLOW IT UP, or maybe just enlarge it.


  1. Eat The Babies!

    #34. Love it! Don’t really get the Chuck Norris one, but I love MONSTER FORMULA!

  2. NN

    >implying I don’t already use RSS to follow this site
    >implying Chuck Norris would need a zombie apocalypse to rise
    >implying implications


  3. NN

    Today, I learned that gravatar has merged with

  4. Jake

    Question about #33- When you turn the knob for hot water, it would obviously pour out very hot people. But what happens with the cold water knob? Eskimos?

  5. Kristian

    @Jake: Hah yeah, eskimos or Norwegians for the ‘cold people’ knob. Supermodels or porn stars for the hot one.

    @Eat the Babies!: That’s supposed to look like Chuck kicking his way out of his grave. I gues feet isn’t one of my favorite things to draw.

  6. tm0rk

    Also, sweatty fat people could come out if turned to hot.

  7. danineteen

    #33 is just brilliant.

    Also, Chuck Norris’ foot looks like a foot.

  8. Gillsing

    The beauty pageant was my favourite this time. :-)

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