As you might have noticed, there has been a lack of comic updates over the past couple weeks. The reason is unfortunately that my Dad passed away on the 15th of October after being ill for a long time. We were hoping he’d pull through as he had done a few times before, but alas that wasn’t to be the case this time around. I immediately travelled back home to my Mom and brother, and we’ve been trying to get by as best we can. It’s been a rough time to say the least, and as the funeral is approaching in a couple days it will certainly not get any easier.

But, I’m hoping to get back on my feet within the next week, and maybe even draw a comic. Dad used to read the comic, and while he definitely didn’t get the numerous gaming and tech-related references, he enjoyed keeping up with it. I’m certain he’d want me to keep going, so that’s what I’ll aim to do. It might just take a little while. Thank you for your understanding.

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