Killing It
Friday — January 10th, 2020

Killing It

Here is a comic! It arrives even though I spent hours today trying to get my site back up and running. If you’re reading this it (kind of) worked! Looks like some things don’t work – like my ads – as well as other things. No idea what happened – nor do I know what I did to fix it. Please let me know if you spot any other glaring errors! (And yeah, I am aware of that weird looking header, but at this point I’m just happy to have the site working at all.)

Edit Jan 13: Spent a while trying to fix some of the issues without making a whole lot of progress. Annoyingly the ages old ComicPress theme doesn’t quite work as before with the new version of WordPress I installed. Just a head’s up: Comic updates might be slightly sporadic as I keep tinkering with the site, but hah- I will probably get bored of trying soon and draw a comic instead.

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Optipess PSA: Social Media Roundup

If you’re a bit like me, antisocial and introverted, then you probably enjoy all these new ways to “connect” and “interact” with people online, especially since they don’t require you to leave the house. And of course, Optipess is present on some of these with varying intensity! So in case you didn’t know of these already, or if you’re a new reader, I figured I should pimp out the links:

Most notably there’s a brand new Facebook page for Optipess. This replaces the old group thing on there, the biggest difference being that this one will actually be updated! At the very least I’m running a magical RSS import script that notifies you of every new strip (when it works as advertised, I should note), but there’s also a chance other news and semi-important messages will appear here. And maybe later some exclusive comics? Who knows!

Also, even less formal and basically bordering on the completely mundane, I’m also on the micro-blogging sensation site “Twitter” which you may have heard of already. Here I will inform you of what I just ate for breakfast or the current color of my socks. Oh, and the existence of new comic strips will also be tweeted about along with other comic-related events. Such as my excitement if I discover a new Photoshop shortcut key, for example. Thrilling!

PS: In addition to these, I’m also present on other more or less “social” music sites such as and RateYourMusic, which may or may not be of interest, probably depending on how good your taste in music is.

Ok, now back to drawing tomorrow’s comic!

Delayed Monday Strip

Ouch, looks like today’s comic strip will be delayed a little while as I pretty much spent all day yesterday in bed groaning with headaches and/or sleeping instead of drawing. Hopefully it will only be a few hours late, however that’s now dependable on whether or not I manage to stay awake for more than 15 minutes. Stay tuned!

National Sick Day

Well, I just had to blog about this: Apparently today, the first Monday in February, is in fact “National Sick Day” – the one day per year when the most employees call in sick for no good reason. Now, I had no knowledge of this day when I made today’s comic, so this definitely chalks up as a really weird coincidence! You can read more about the phenomenon here.

And to make matters even more uncanny, I seriously contemplated calling in sick to work today – as I felt pretty awful – but decided against it when I realized that I always do. Well, I guess that’s not really uncanny, just… sad.

Anyway, I hope you found this amusing as well, whether you’re at work or at home wrapped under a blanket watching Oprah reruns.

25 Expressions of Optipess

So instead of a new comic this past Monday, I figured I should post a finished version of the “25 Expressions Challenge”. If you’re following me on Twitter, you might have seen a work-in-progress version a few months back, but today I decided to ink and color it for your viewing pleasure. But what is it, I hear you ask? Well, basically it’s an exercise for comic creators in conveying facial expressions of their characters. I basically only have one character anyway, the nerdy glasses-wearing guy, so I quickly gave it a shot. Behold:

25 Expressions

Hopefully most of these get the intended emotion across, and if they don’t – my excuse is that I pretty much had to look up a few of these words in a dictionary. Either way, a fun wholesome game for the entire family can be played if you cover the words below each image and try to guess the correct description based on the drawing. So gather your parents and grandparents for some festive fun cramped together on the couch! Once completed, you can go right back into your regular Christmas schedule of fighting and screaming. Oh, and if you’re a comic creator yourself, or even if you’re not, an empty template to doodle on is located here.

Also, with some luck there should be a new comic strip later this week, but unfortunately I seem to have caught some sort of nasty cold. Basically I feel most like the expression in the lower right corner at the moment (lower left corner is how I’d like to feel), so I guess we’ll have to see if I feel up to some drawing later.

One Hundred Optipess Comics; A Retrospective

Indeed! The other day I posted the 100th Optipess comic, so I figured a retrospective look back on these first one hundred comic strips would be in order, complete with obscure trivia and insightful statistics. But actually, first off, Friday’s comic is not really the 100th comic I made – that honor goes to the page-sized sad tale of Duck Hunt, posted as the 83rd comic. This means I still have quite a few older “unpublished” Optipess comics lying around, but chances are these won’t be seeing the light of day, at least not posted as regular strips. Anyway, here are some tidbits of random information and useless trivia about Optipess’ humble beginnings, presented in a handy bullet-point list:

  • The first 15 Optipess comics were made within a few weeks of spring 2007 to meet the deadline to a comic strip contest run by Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Of these, only five have been posted on this site; Amazing Superpowers, Bomb Threats, An Epiphany, Stopwatch and The End.
  • Optipess did not win the aforementioned contest or anything, but I was quite pleased to rank in the top 25. As a result of this a select few of my early strips were even featured in an art gallery exhibition during the summer of 2007.
  • 44% of these first 100 strips featured someone dying. This proves that death is quite hilarious in most cases.
  • 48% were pantomime, i.e. without speech bubbles. This is interesting to me since my very first strips were very focused on having text-boxes accompanying each panel. Eventually it dawned on me that a “show, don’t tell” approach would be a better way to go.
  • 14% are without the glasses guy, whose character design more or less is based on me. Actually, Optipess was first intended to be a personal journal comic of some sort, but I decided against it when I realized that truly interesting events in my life are very few and far between.
  • There are actually 102 strips posted on this site. The odd ones out are the very first Optipess comic and the excellent guest strip by reader Mico.
  • 15% are in an “alternate style”, where I basically tried to experiment in other styles than the usual cartoony look. I can’t tell if these attempts were successful, but at least they were fun to do.
  • Only 6 strips were sketched and inked with traditional media, the rest are completely digital. All strips were colored digitally, except one.
  • According to Google Analytics, has been visited 266 253 times since December 1st 2008, ranking up 774 680 page views — which probably are the same numbers Penny Arcade get in one day.
  • The top 3 most viewed strips are Jason, Friend of the Butterflies, Support Groups and The Microwaveman.
  • Top 3 referrers to have been StumbleUpon, Reddit and IsItFunnyToday.
  • Weirdest search terms leading traffic to my site are probably “Ape Escape porn comics”, “one leg pelvic thrust” or “zlorx”.
  • Most site visitors are not surprisingly from the United States, with Canada and United Kingdom trailing behind. Norway is in 5th. At the bottom of the list we have less awesome countries such as Vanuatu, Burkina Faso, Libya, Gabon and Kazakhstan.

Ok, that’s it. Thanks for reading these first 100 comics, and hopefully you’ll stick around for a hundred more!

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